Porcelain painting

Traditional Painting

Longtime porcelain now belongs to european culture. Since the 18th century porcelain has been produced in Europe and therefore it did no longer depend on import from China. At that time the first manufactories were founded in cites as Meissen, Nymphenburg, Wien, Berlin, Fuerstenberg, Hoechst, Herend and Limoges. The decoration and design of porcelain has increased since then. As a result there are many private collections and museums to be visited which show the most important art works. While the porcelain industry was growing, the production of brushes had to become more efficient. That was the birth of industrial brush production which needed a long experience and a passionate patience to get finest quality.

Nowadays we have the competence to manufacture brushes traditionally, for example by using natural quill which serve to improve the quality:

The hair of porcelain paint brushes are very fine. Natural quill is softer than the surface of metal ferrules which are also used. While painting the quill becomes smooth and the hair will not brake so easily. That way the brush maintains his quality even after a long time of usage.


Modern painting

Many artists have other painting technics and use different types of brushes. The shape often is flat. We can also produce brushes according to the description and demand of our clients.