Production of brushes

For longtime the craft of brush making has an outstanding importance. First of all the production requries a great deal of passion and concentration. Furthermore it demands a long professional experience to produce paint brushes of excellent quality.

At the beginning the hair is laid in a socket and knocked in the right way. Afterwards the hair is driven in the appropriate shape. At least the typical form reveals by fixing the bundle with a thread. This is the most important step and decides about the quality of the brush.

Now the hair is combined with the natural quill. Depending on the size of the brush the quill is taken from the feathers of doves, ducks or gooses. The advantage of quill is its smooth character: The hair of porcelain paint brushes is very fine. Natural quill is softer than the surface of metal ferrules which are also used. While painting the quill becomes smooth and the hair will not brake so easy. That way the brush maintains his quality even after a long time of usage.

About brushes


Squirrel hair is taken from the tail of squirrels and it is the finest hair to be used in brush making. Its ability to maintain painting color is extraordinary.

Furthermore it has very fine tips which is important for porcelain painting. It allows a perfectly smooth coat of paint onto a highly glazed surface.


This hair is taken from the tail of sables. Its flexibility is brilliant and the top perfectly performs on porcelain. Brushes with sable hair are qualified to be used for details, delicate lines and watercolor painting.